The Pink Palette - Where Art and Nature Become One
The Three Dories
Sunrise Painting
20x16 Canvas Oil Painting "Sunrise."
Price: $90.00
Wild Rose Painting
12x9 Canvas Acrylic Painting "Wildrose".
Price: $35.00
Large-Flowered Sabatia Print
12x12 Canvas Acrylic Painting "Large-Flowered Sabatia".
Price: $45.00
Fields of Green Painting
2'x1' Canvas Acrylic Painting "Fields of Green".
Price: $100.00
pack of 6 child of play cards
4x6 blank inside card of the watercolor painting "Childs Play"
Price: $10.00
pack of 6 large-flowered sabatia cards
4x6 blank inside card of the acrylic painting "Large-Flowered Sabatia".
Price: $10.00
pack of 6 "thanks" pink and blue circles
4x6 blank inside "Thanks" pink and blue circles.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 tangled branches cards
4x6 blank inside Card of the watercolor painting "Tangled Branches".
Price: $10.00
pack of 6 wild rose card
4X6 blank inside card of the "wild rose" acrylic painting.
Price: $10.00
Set of 6 pink flower
Set of 6 blank inside cards. Three each of the "thanks" in pink flower.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "thanks oriental cards
4x6 bank inside "thanks" Oriental card.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "thanks" pink spring flowers
4x6 bank inside "Thanks" pink spring flowers card.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 blue flowers
Pack of 6. Three cards blank inside each of the blue "thanks" flower.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "thanks" pinhk flower curve cards
4x6 blank inside "thanks" pink flower curve.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "Happy Birthday" large flower
4x6 blank inside "Happy Birthday" large flower.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "Happy Birthday" flowers in Vase
4x6 blank inside "Happy Birthday" flowers in Vase.
Price: $8.50
Pack of 6 "Happy Birthday" cut our flower
4x6 blank inside"HappyBirthday" cut out flower.
Price: $8.50
Below are some of the art pieces and cards on offer at The Pink Palette.  The paintings are the perfect complement for any room in your home,and the cards can suit all different occassions.
  1. The Three Dories Painting
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