The Pink Palette - Where Art and Nature Become One
Elizabeth Gullick
Company Founder/Artist 2009
I received my Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Dean Junior College, in Massachusetts. After receiving this certification, I subsequently went on to attain my Bachelors Degree in Sociology/Anthropology from Ohio Wesleyan University.
I grew up in Connecticut with my parents and older brother. My mom was an extremely talented watercolor artist who I greatly admired. However, I never thought I had any artistic ability until I started sketching a flower one day three years ago. At that point, my husband, daughter and I started an interest in pottery, which eventually led me down the path to my first watercolor painting. Since then, I have been learning about art through books and painting lessons.
Overall, I have enjoyed working with watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. I look forward to exploring more types of art mediums in the future.
I would like to dedicate this website to Patricia Jones Bauman, who was a fantastic artist and a wonderful mom.
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